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Color It!

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  • Be the first to fill in your coloring sheet and win the game! Game includes 2 variants and plays in 10-20 minutes.
  • Each player starts with the same coloring sheet. Someone rolls all 4 dice. All players use the dice roll and each one chooses a number and color from the dice and colors in one of the spaces on their sheet with that number. Several players may use the same number and color (pssttt. sharing is good!)
  • Each flower or row in the rainbow can only be one color and no two flowers or rainbow rows can be the same color. If there is no white space with the number you rolled, you cannot color anything this turn.
  • As soon as a player has colored in all the spaces on their sheet, the game is over and they win.
  • Contents include: 4 coloring sheet designs (with 20 sheets each), 10 colored pencils in 5 different colors, 2 color dice, 2 number dice, 1 rulebook.
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