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Eggs and Empires

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Eggs and Empires is a quick playing card game for 2-6 players who will use matching decks of empire cards that contain adventurers numbered 1-10. Starting with a hand of three empire cards, each turn all players select one card from their hand, then play them simultaneously in an attempt to collect egg cards. Generally, the player who played the highest empire card chooses an egg first, then the player with the second highest empire card, and so on until all revealed eggs are collected. However, each empire card has a unique power that can affect the order in which eggs are selected. The powers interact in strategic and awesome ways so that every hand is exciting and fun!

Outwit your opponents to collect as many eggs as possible, but be sure to avoid those nasty exploding eggs! Whoever collects the most VPs over three rounds wins.

Eggs and Empires is #1 in our E.G.G. Pocket Size Game Series.

  • 60 Empire cards
  • 42 Egg cards
  • 13 Egg tokens
  • Tie-breaker marker

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