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Tinners' Trail

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Tinners' Trail is a thematic Euro game set in 19th century Cornwall. You play as a mining conglomerate at the height of the tin and copper mining industry. You must buy plots of land across Cornwall in auctions and survey them for tin and copper, always managing your "work points" and money effectively. Once you have a mine in place, it's time to extract the ore, and make a profit, but the deeper your mine goes the more expensive the process gets.

You'll have the opportunity to improve your mines with infrastructure like ports, train stations, and adits (drainage tunnels), but there are only so many improvements to go around. Can you outplay the competition and make the most money or will you be left without two shillings to rub together?

1 Main Board
4 Development Boards
3 Custom Dice
1 Auction Marker
65 Player Pieces
46 Development Pieces
150 Resource Cubes
45 Survey Cards
32 Area Tiles
9 Setup Cards
10 Solo Cards
24 Tokens
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 90 minutes

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